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Ningbo Lipu Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Cixi Kandun Pipeline Accessories Company
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Current Location: Home Products Flat Face Couplings KSP-PVC

Accessories of KSP Series (ISO 16028 Flush Face Series)

Material: plastic,rubber
Color: Red is standard with options for yellow, black,blue ect.

These are useful accessories which prevent dust,water or mud from entering the quick coupling and lengthen their lives. This is particularly important in the building industry in general and in earth moving where large quantities of materials such as sand, earth, ect. are moved.


LPH ISO Female dust plug Male dust cap Colour Material
04 6.3 KSP-04F-PVC KSP-04M-PVC Red Plastic
06 10 KSP-06F-PVC KSP-06M-PVC Red Plastic
08 12.5 KSP-08F-PVC KSP-08M-PVC Red Plastic
12 20 KSP-12F-PVC KSP-12M-PVC Red Plastic
16 25 KSP-16F-PVC KSP-16M-PVC Red Plastic

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